Build a Log Cabin for $100 Bucks

Build a Log Cabin for $100 Bucks

Building a cabin for $100 seems a bit impossible, unless you are in the forest, cutting your own trees, hand peeling them and using them for your walls, foundation and roofing. If you have no material costs then yes it can be done. How do you think they did it in pioneer days! An axe was the main tool. They did not even have chainsaws to zip the trees down quickly. The fitting together of the logs was done through notches and cutting. There were no nails to use even. When you think about how housing was done in the 'good old days' you take on a new respect for your great great ancestors. There were resourceful, hard workers.

The builders of this little log cabin used the Norwegian 'stabbur' design.

What this means is there are small windows, a low door, a raised foundation and wide eaves.

Steps to doing a project this inexpensively, not only require your willingness to work hard, you need to think in terms of simple. Building a small place will mean less materials are needed. Wide eaves, help to repel rain and snow. In order to reduce heat loss, small windows and doors are an asset. Have a loft, this means smaller square footage in the building itself.

More ways to save money are cutting the trees yourself, making not only the outside walls but the floor joists, and roofing structure.

You can make your own shakes for your roof by hand cutting the log to the correct length then using a hand shake splitter, cutting them yourself.

The builders of this place have a very detailed article that you can read if you want to know how they really did it all. It is a fascinating storey which you can find by visiting 'The Mother Earth News' website below.

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